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Power & Control


Power & control - LGBTQ

The Equality Wheel

The Equality Wheel identifies behaviours that provide the basis for an equal and loving relationship between a man and a women.

It helps focus on the abuser’s behaviour (not on their behaviour as a couple) in order to keep the abuser looking inwards at their values and choices rather than at what the victim needs to do to keep the abuser from being abusive.

The behaviours identified on the Equality Wheel are opposite to those on the Power and Control Wheel.

The Power & Control Wheel

The Power and Control Wheel presents tactics and behaviours individual abusers use to establish and maintain control in their relationships. Battering is an intentional act used to gain power and control over another person.

Physical abuse and sexual violence are part of a system of abusive behaviour that an abuser uses against their partner.

The wheel symbolises the relationship of violence to other forms of abuse and coercion. Each spoke represents a tactic used to exert control or gain power, which is the hub of the wheel. The rim that surrounds and supports the spokes is physical and sexual violence.

Violence is not an isolated behaviour. By owning up, you can start to move towards the Equality Wheel and have non violence and equality in your relationship.